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Why Us

Why Us?

Why Us?

As climber, we know you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing gear; all of it CE and UIAA certified. Gipfel is in second year of its existence and what sets us apart is insanely high safety standards, quality gear, environmentally sound production, and supporting our local climbing communities. We currently offer a wide range of your most basic alpine and bouldering gear – crash pads, shoes, helmets, ice tools and more. As we grow, we continue to make new and innovative gear. First, our gear must be safe. We strive for UIAA and CE certification on every single product that enters the market and then go above and beyond in meeting our own safety standards. There’s more. Our company’s start-up culture offers us the flexibility to come up with ground-breaking new products coming out of our brand new R&D office, which in turn benefits you, the climber. We believe that we can’t make more advanced gear without first making the basic gear, really well. This gear is tested by our team all over the world, and as we support more global athletes, we continue to receive positive feedback. Climbing is a grassroots sport and we are making gear that caters to the pro and newcomer alike. We know that as you add more and more gear to your rack, you’ll begin to wonder why you never had it in the first place.


All our technical equipment (hard goods) and 90% of soft goods are manufactured in-house at our factory in India, which means that we not only have a very strict control over our quality but also have economical prices. In our case, low prices does not imply low quality but rather our lower production costs.


We have an obsessive compulsive need to help hard working people with the accomplishment of their goals. That’s just who we are! As climbers, we know that climbing hard does not come without hard work. That is why we work hard for you, the climber. If you think that you would fit into our simple set of criterion, then we encourage you to reach out for support, no matter how small your project may be. Whenever needed, we go out of our way to help our climbers.


We make it a point to stay very proactive when it comes to receiving feedback about our products. Product Feedback is taken very seriously. After all, it is all about continuous improvement. In that spirit, we welcome all suggestions from our consumers. We would like you to know that any communication between us is read by the key people in our organization. When you deal with us, you will know that we always add a personal touch to our work.