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Strength Testing

Strength Testing

Strength Testing

At GIPFEL, our motto is to provide you with the best quality climbing equipment at reasonable prices. That said, our products meet all stringent standards set by UIAA for its Safety Label holders. That means that while using our products you may enjoy falling off a rock wall or a mountain as much as you enjoy climbing it. Let our equipment take care of the rest for you!

Product Design

Gravity keeps our feet on the ground but lets face it, gravity can be extremely dangerous for a falling climber. You may only weigh 70kgs on ground but you’ll be surprised to know how much force your body may exert on the equipment when you fall off a rock. The products are designed considering our body dynamics and the massive amount of force that that equipment has to endure when a climber takes a fall. Other factors include Ultimate Tensile Strength, Yield Strength of materials, Knot Efficiency, Fall Factor, fatigue, and load factor. The list is non-exhaustive. The safety factor is much higher than the load one can expect in such falls. That means you can put your trust in our products.

It takes us many engineers and months of their sleepless nights to make a new product. It is our passion to constantly improve the strength rating of our products and we just cannot rest until the target is achieved.


Once the design is finalized, a couple of prototypes are developed and tested in-house on our machineries. This process can take somewhere between two to three weeks. Its only after many iterations of failed tests that a final design is approved, a design that passes all such strength tests.

UIAA certified laboratory testing

A prototype is then sent to a European laboratory where the product is tested under their respective UIAA standards. Once we receive the good news, the equipment is then be launched on the market.

Production testing

Strictest quality standards are observed right from the process of raw material procurement till product packaging. Random samples are drawn from a production lot and subjected to tests to confirm compliance.

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