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    • A Universal size harness for climbing and commercial purposes. Unlike a sit harness, a body harness would keep you in an upright position even in the case of unconsciousness.
    • Wide, flexible straps
    • Fully adjustable shoulder straps and leg loops for snug fit
    • High tenacity webbings for higher strength. Each lot is tested extensively before prduction
    • Low Price
    • Simple Design
    • Certifications: EN12277, CE1019, UIAA105
    • Size: Universal

    User Instructions    Download the PDF

  • – A good all-rounder and light weight helmet for ice climbing, mountaineering and multi-pitch trad climbing. – This helmet features a PC shell with Expanded Polystyrene lining.
    – What makes this helmet different from most of the other helmets is the foam lining that extends all the way to the sides of the head. This provides the cranial support in case of side impacts.
    – 10 vents (6 on the sides and 4 on the back) make this helmet wearable even in hot weather conditions. “A helmet that makes your head warm could lead to more problems than just discomfort. At best it could lead to lead to a reduction in your performance, at worst it could lead to an impaired judgement that could possibly lead to injuries.”- BMC Helmet Guidebook
    – Easy and quick to use Headband Adjuster on the back of your helmet.

    User Instructions    Download the PDF

  • – Buy high quality and heavy duty crash pads for your bouldering gym and
    climbing walls
    – Dual density foam cushioning. The upper closed cell foam layer distributes
    the weight evenly. The lower open cell foam layer cushions your fall.
    – Size: 6' (L) x 4' (W) x8″ (t).
    – For custom made sizes and special requirements for your bouldering gym,
    please contact our customer service
    – Shipping in 4-5 days approximately
    – Our customers love these ones and so would you. Contact us for references.

  • – Our all-round camping Mummy sleeping bag for camping and backpacking in warmer climate
    – Polyester insulation with extra cushioning inside the hood

    • This is a classic design Type B plain gate 'D' or plain carabiner without the function to lock the gate.
    • Made from the highest grade aviation Aluminium alloy
    • Nose cut design to prevent snagging
    • Ultralight carabiner that weighs only 34gms
    • Major Axis Gate Closed strength: 25kN
    • Major Axis Gate Open Strength: 9kN
    • Minor Axis: 8kN
    • CE1019, EN 12275, UIAA 121
  • – This is a Type 2 braking device used for abseiling (rappelling) and belaying without a function to adjust the friction
    – Fabricated from an Aluminium alloy used for manufacturing aircraft’s wings
    – Suitable for both single and double rope function
    – Optimum rope thickness: Dynamic single rope- 9.5-11.5mm, double rope: 8.5-9.5mm; Static rope: 8.5-11.5mm
    – Weighs only 108 grams
    – Individually tested before shipping
    – Strength Rating: 25kN
    – EN15151-2, UIAA 129, CE certified
    – Proudly made in India.

    User Instructions    Download the PDF

  • – Heavy duty textile with coating on both sides. This means a substantially long life of the protector
    – Velcro fastener along the length of the protector
    – Fabric has insulating properties to prevent the rope from getting heated up too easily

  • – Heavy duty yet very economical Rappelling/Abseiling mittens made with recycled worn-out denims
    – Thick hard wearing leather layer with a double reinforcement on the palm and back.

  • – Rappelling / Abseiling mittens
    – Sturdy natural leather on the palms provides excellent insulation from heated equipment
    – Soft cotton liner on the back of the hand for a soft feel
    – A must have for every climber!
    – One size fits all

  • Gipfel Chalk bags for rock climbing and bouldering. Lots of different shapes, sizes and colours.

  • – Our all-around and personal favourite harness.
    – Excellent for adventure activities, climbing gyms as well as for mountaineering use
    – One size fits all
    – Auto-lock buckles and adjustable leg loops
    – EN 12277, UIAA 105, CE 1019

    User Instructions    Download the PDF

  • – India’s first UIAA certified harness. This could be your ideal first harness when you take up rock climbing.
    – Climbing and mountaineering harness best suited for sport climbing and single pitch climbs
    – Padded waist belt and leg loops allow uniform weight distribution in addition to comfort
    – Adjustable leg loops and waist belt
    – Two molded gear loops makes racking quick and easy
    – 15kN rated belay loop and 10 kN rated waist belt.
    – EN 12277 Type C, UIAA 105, CE 1019
    – Recommended use: Sport Climbing, Rock and Ice. Not recommended for Trad Climbing
    – Based on our personal experience and reviews from buyers, this harness is uniquely comfortable. If your climbing activity involves long periods of hanging in the same spot, then we highly recommend this harness.

    Buying Guide for Harness

    Although all our harnesses will perform well under any circumstances and we vouch for their strength, but we suggest buying the harness with your perfect fit and the one that suits your climbing style. Our harnesses are tested extensively under Static and Dynamic loads. Additionally, every harness is manufactured by expert workers under careful supervision of a trained quality inspector. The workers undergo frequent training sessions aiming to enhance their accuracy as well as they are adequately exposed to the world of climbing to understand the critical nature of a harness.

    Something that we would like you to know

    Contrary to what many believe in, there is only single piece of high tenacity Polyamide webbing that passes all the way around the waist belt. Similarly there is only one single piece of webbing that encircles the entire length of both the leg loops in the harness.

    User Instructions    Download the PDF

Showing 1–12 of 16 results