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Bouldering Shoes

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  • A full resoling kit contains all of the following

    1. 5mm rubber Hypergrip® sticky full sole rubber sheet (not included in RANDS ONLY resoling kit)
    2. 1.8mm Vibram® XS Grip rands rubber piece (not included in SOLE ONLY resoling kit)
    3. Sandpaper
    4. Plastic gloves
    5. PU-adhesive
    6. Black Ink
    7. Instruction sheet

    Wish you happy resoling, and Congratulations! You just saved a good amount of money here.

  • Bouldering Gecko $ 110.00

    - An all around shoe for beginners and intermediates.
    – Great for every type of climbing but most suitable for artificial walls, bouldering as well as for natural rocks that do not have very aggressive gradient or overhangs.
    – Suede Leather upper
    – Unidirectional fiberglass midsole makes the sole moderately stiff for better ability to stand on small positive holds and edging. It gives your feet support and prevents you from tiring out too quickly. But flexible enough to allow smearing!
    – Proprietary Hypergrip® outsole developed in partnership with a world class Korean manufacturer. Its Water Lock technology provides superior traction on both dry and wet surfaces resulting from condensation. Great for smearing. Vibram® side rands and sling shot.
    – Flat and mildly asymmetric profile. Also fits well on people with a broader foot profile.
    – Only follow our shoe size guide to find the best fit for yourself.
    – Note** Leather tends to stretch and take shape according to your foot profile after sometime

Showing all 2 results